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Human Design

If you are drawn to the Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Astrology or other personality/strengths-finder tests, you will love Human Design.

Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, the system of Human Design provides language and a framework to help us understand who we are at our essence, free of societal conditioning, and how we are each uniquely wired to thrive: 

Human Design shows us how to honor and celebrate our differences, so we can see them as the gifts they truly are.

This empowering tool helps individuals, partners, and families gain clarity on how to live their best and most fulfilling life, personally, in partnership and parenting.

Using your birth date, time and location, I am able to produce and interpret your unique Human Design chart, which includes personalized insights on your unique purpose, innate talents and skills, learning and communication style, ideal work environment, and so much more.


I offer fully personalized written resources that are great for gifts and self-study. I also offer 1:1 readings. And you are welcome to bundle the two!

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Personalized Resources

New to HD

Human Design Highlights

A fully personalized Celebration of who you are and what makes you shine!

Just $36

Makes a Great Gift!

 Your Human Design Highlights is a fun and simple way to celebrate 9 fully personalized Human Design insights on a beautifully designed 1-page PDF.


This fully customized PDF includes a personal insight on:

- How You Make A Difference in the World

- Your Gift for Manifestation

- Your Gift for Intuition

-Your Gift for Growth

-Your Gift for Connection

- Four Ways in Which You Naturally Shine

- Your Ideal Environment

- How You Best Digest Food + Life

- Your Strongest Sense

A key that tells you where these details are found within your Human Design is also included!

This makes a great gift for friends, family, co-workers, or for yourself!!

And is the perfect way to Celebrate the people you care about.

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Imagine having specific insights on how your child is uniquely wired, so you can give them both the space and the support they need the thrive...


That is exactly what my Human Design Parenting Guide is here to provide! In 5 easy-to-digest sections I provide fully personalized insights and tips on:

- How To Support Them Throughout the Day

- How They Feel Their Best

- Their Unique Sensitivities

- Their Inner Strengths

- And A Variety of Additional Tidbits ranging from Love Language to Learning Style to Making Friends

This 30+ page guide is intended to make parenting easier for you, while helping your child feel confident, seen and supported for who they are!

Human Design Parenting Guide

Fully personalized insights and tips based on how your child is uniquely wired to thrive.


Signature Parenting Offering

Human Design Partnership Guide

Personalized tips and insights for cultivating a relationship where both people feel seen, understood + supported.

Pre-Order Now!


The Human Design Partnership Guide is a revolutionary way to improve an important relationship in your life, whether it be with a romantic partner, friend or co-worker.


This guide was created based on my personal success utilizing Human Design to overcome pain-points while developing greater understanding and deeper connection within an important relationship in my own life.

Within each guide you will receive insights and tips on each person's:

- Energetic Makeup & Tendencies

- Dynamic with Communication & Conflict

- "Love Language" (what makes them feel seen)

- Areas of Contribution

- Areas of Companionship + Potential for Tension

- Greatest Gifts, and more!

Available for Pre-Order!

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Created to alleviate the time consuming and confusing process of tracking down & organizing all of your chart details, each Handbook includes ~65 pages of definitions, descriptions and all of your personalized details beautifully presented in a PDF document.


Inside you'll find valuable information on your personal:

Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Not-Self + Signature, Profile, Defined and Undefined Centers, Gates, Channels, Definition, Arrows + Incarnation Cross.


This is the comprehensive resource I wanted but couldn't find when I was ready to dive deep into my own Human Design journey. I am so excited to be able to share it with you now!


Your Human Design Handbook

The master reference document I wish I had when I was ready to dive deep

Signature Deep Dive Offering

The Heart of
your Chart

The perfect reference document for beginning your Human Design journey


The Heart of Your Chart is the perfect reference document if you are ready to read more detail about your unique Human Design.


Each writeup is customized with ~20 pages of information on the foundational elements of your unique Human Design including:

- Your big-picture purpose

- What helps you feel fulfilled

- Your intuitive gift and how to use it for decision making

- Your gift for learning + connecting

- And more!


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Dive Deep HD

Human Design 1:1 Zoom Readings

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Book a 1:1 session to explore the layers of your unique Human Design.
Feel free to bring a particular question or circumstance that you are currently navigating or feeling stuck around, and we will take a look at it through the lens of your Human Design. (Though this isn't necessary!)

Insights, reflections &  practices to experiment with will be offered. Feel free to bundle this with the Heart of Your Chart or Human Design Handbook and save!
*If you'd like to better understand a child, partner, friend or work colleague, you are welcome to book a reading to explore their chart.


75-Minute Individual Reading

Let me illuminate your unique (and special!) Human Design

75-Minute Partnership or Parenting Reading

I will illuminate the unique energetic dynamic between you and a partner (romantic or otherwise) or child.

Book a 1:1 session to explore the dynamic layers of an important relationship in your life through the lens of Human Design. 


Human Design is an immensely valuable tool for better understanding and connecting with a loved one or optimizing a working relationship to:

improve communication, deepen understanding, learn how to highlight each other's gifts, learn why you have certain pain points and how to move beyond them, learn how to best support one another, and how you can honor your differences while thriving in relationship.

These sessions are always uplifting and empowering!


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"Thank you so much for everything. This was truly an awesome experience for me. It's so hard when you know words cannot do your feelings justice but I can say that meeting you and being introduced to your teachings has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me. 

PS -I shared our consultation with my long-time therapist and she also was blown away by how everything I shared was things that she was trying to work on with me for a while."


- HD Deep Dive Bundle Client

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"No matter how many words I write, they all speak the same truth: You are worthy of a beautiful life."
-- Jaiya John
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