Human Design

Human Design offers a personal "roadmap" that provides layers of insight about who you are at your core essence and how you are uniquely designed to thrive.

In addition to being a valuable resource for aligning with your most purposeful  + vibrant life, it is also a transformational tool for parenting and partnerships. As you deepen your understanding of how your children and partner are uniquely wired, these relationships tend to flourish.


To help you learn about your unique Design, I provide fully personalized written resources or you can choose to explore your Chart with me via a guided Human Design Reading. 


Desiring a bit of both? Bundle a personalized PDF with time to connect one-on-one about your Design.

All you need is your birth date and time to get started, and I'll guide you through the rest!

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The Heart of

your Chart

The perfect reference document for beginning your Human Design journey

Signature Intro Offering

Are you curious about Human Design and ready to learn about the foundational aspects of your chart?


Human Design is an incredible Self-Discovery tool, but accessing your personal information can be a bit challenging.


That's where the Heart of Your Chart comes in! It is the perfect reference document for beginning your Human Design journey.


Each writeup includes ~20 pages of foundational Human Design definitions, descriptions and personalized details presented in a beautiful PDF document to help you get familiar with the heart of your own Human Design! 

This can also make a great gift for birthdays or new parents!


Book a 1:1 session to explore the layers of your unique Human Design.
Feel free to bring a particular question or circumstance that you are currently navigating or feeling stuck around, and we will take a look at it through the lens of your Human Design. (Though this isn't necessary!)

Insights, reflections &  practices to experiment with will be offered. 
*If you'd like to better understand a child, partner, friend or work colleague, you are welcome to book a reading to explore their chart.


60-Minute Human Design Reading

Let me illuminate your unique (and special!) Human Design


"Thank you so much for everything. This was truly an awesome experience for me. It's so hard when you know words cannot do your feelings justice but I can say that meeting you and being introduced to your teachings has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me. 

PS -I shared our consultation with my long-time therapist and she also was blown away by how everything I shared was things that she was trying to work on with me for a while."


- HD Deep Dive Bundle Client

Dive Deep - Continue your HD Journey


Created to alleviate the time consuming and confusing process of tracking down & organizing all of your chart details, each Handbook includes ~55 pages of definitions, descriptions and personalized details beautifully presented in a PDF document. 


This is the resource I wanted but couldn't find when I was ready to dive deep into my own Human Design journey and I am so excited to be able to share it with you now!


Your Human Design Handbook

The master reference document I wish I had when I was ready to dive deep

Signature Deep Dive Offering

Deep Dive


Get to know the ins and outs of your unique Human Design over a 3-month period

This bundle has been created for those who are ready to know the ins and outs of their Human Design, with time to let it all sink in.

Over a 3-month timeframe you will receive: a Human Design Reading, 12 personalized recordings that go in-depth on your chart, and your full Human Design Handbook as a lasting reference document.


A Couple of Extras to Help you Expand

If you started with the Heart of your Human Design Chart, and are ready to dive deeper into your full Human Design Handbook, this is for you.

The Heart of Your Chart comprises Section I of my signature Human Design Handbook. With this purchase you will receive Sections II and III, which complete the Handbook and offer in-depth information on your wisdom centers, gifts, talents and skills.


Heart of  Your Chart Add-On

Complete your Human Design Handbook!

Learn Reiki

1:1 Guidance


A holistic and fully personalized way to continue our work together

Learn how to cultivate sustainable wellbeing that suits your unique design.


During these sessions you will connect with tools, practices and insights that will help you live into your most peace-filled and purposeful life.


I'll weave together various healing modalities in a way that meets you right where you are and supports you in creating the positive change you are seeking.

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"No matter how many words I write, they all speak the same truth: You are worthy of a beautiful life."
-- Jaiya John