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Human Design Highlights

Human Design Highlights


Your Human Design Highlights is a fun and simple way to celebrate 9 fully personalized Human Design insights on a beautifully designed 1-page PDF.


This fully customized PDF includes a personal insight on:

- How You Make A Difference in the World

- Your Gift for Manifestation

- Your Gift for Intuition

-Your Gift for Learning

-Your Gift for Connection

- Four Ways in Which You Naturally Shine

- Your Ideal Environment

- How You Best Digest Food + Life

- Your Strongest Sense

A key that tells you where these details are found within your Human Design Chart is also included!

This makes a great gift for friends, co-workers, or for yourself!! And is the perfect way to Celebrate the people you care about.



Please allow up to two weeks for email delivery from time order is placed. Thank you so much!!


Bundle your Highlights with a 75-minute 1:1 reading with Lindsay (via Zoom) to receive more indepth insights on the 9 elements included. More information can be found here

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