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Welcome to Awakened Wellness, a destination for those who are ready to gain clarity around their purpose and live with more flow and fulfillment. 


If you have been navigating a time of major transition, or are feeling stuck around your health and wellness, I can help. I've been in your shoes and now I'm on a mission to share a simple and universal approach to wellbeing that helps you connect with your most purposeful and peace-filled life.

Join me for an upcoming group guided experience, or receive personalized support through my custom one-on-one sessions!

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Nourished By Nature Retreat: Costa Rica February 2022

February 12-19 and February 19-26, 2022

There are now two opportunities to join for a week of relaxation! This 7-night all inclusive wellness retreat is designed to give you a full week of rest and personal renewal as you discover the magic of the Costa Rican Caribbean. All of your needs will be taken care of as you enjoy time to just BE. 

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Reiki Training Wait List

Reiki Level I, II and III/Master

If you are ready to begin or continue connecting with the gentle yet powerful nature of Reiki, please let me know by filling out a brief form! Classes come together in an organic way, and your interest helps with the creation process!

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Discover your Innate Gifts through Human Design

Uncover your unique path towards a purposeful and vibrant life.

Human Design is a system that reveals how we are each uniquely designed to make a meaningful contribution to the world. It's illuminating, empowering and freeing! 

A message from Lindsay:

Now more than ever, the world needs you to be fully YOU. 

As a society, we have become alarmingly good at tuning out our True (and unique) Nature in order to live up to all of the external voices, pressures and expectations around us. 


But it has come at a cost. 


The disconnect and divisiveness we are witnessing in the world today is a reflection of the disconnect we've been living within ourselves.


It is not our fault, but it is time to reconnect. 


It's time to uncover and embrace the special person you were born to be. It's a journey that involves exploring the beauty that already lies within, and learning to create space to let your light shine. 

Awakened Wellness is here to provide Self-Discovery resources and guided experiences that create the opportunity for you to reconnect with your Self which leads to a ripple effect for the rest of our world.


It's a beautiful journey that awaits you, one that feels like coming home. 


xo, Lindsay

About Lindsay

As it goes for many wellness practitioners, my own struggles have led me to where I stand today: Committed to helping others see and feel a connection to the beauty that is their core essence. To me, this is the heart of personal as well as collective healing.

For years, I lived with chronic health issues that were confusing and left me feeling out of control of my body & life. While doctors could offer temporary relief from my symptoms, with time I realized it was up to me to get to the root cause of what was leaving me out of sorts.


I went all in, dedicating my personal and professional life to exploring the multiple facets of wellbeing. And then one day I had a lightbulb moment: I realized I had been denying the person I was at my core in order to live a life I thought I "should" be. I had gotten so good at listening to others, I had completely forgotten how to hear myself. My body had had enough - physically, mentally and emotionally - and knew it was time to get my attention.


The physical symptoms I was experiencing were a manifestation of something that went much deeper - on the inside, I had lost touch with who I was. Craving reconnection, I slowly but surely began the journey back home to my Self, turning to Nature and its innate harmony as my greatest teacher & healer. 

The transformation I experienced by tending to my true nature has impacted my life in immeasurable ways - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The reconnection I committed to within myself has transferred into a deeper more meaningful connection with the people and the world around me. Now I get to show up from a place that feeds both me and the world at the same time, and it is so, so life-giving


Returning to this place of inner connection is something I believe our world desperately needs from us right now. It is something that is accessible to every single one of us, and I am here to help as you discover what that looks & feels like for you.

As a Reiki Master, Human Design Level II Reader, Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach I employ my training and inherent gifts to offer personalized guidance & tools via private sessions, trainings, gatherings & nature retreats.



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