Awakened Wellness offers simple tools and methods for cultivating more inner-peace & harmony while living in our often complicated and busy world. 


Learn ways to shift feelings of stress, anxiety and depression (the root causes of many dis-eases) in your every day life. Witness the way the effects ripple out into the world around you.

Holistic Services


Yoga offers a pathway to experience a state of inner flow and connection. Through mindful movement and breath practices, we can remember what it feels like to quiet our minds and reconnect with the inner peace that resides within each of us. I specialize in gentle and Yin yoga with a particular love for teaching beginners. Classes can be customized for individuals & groups. 


Peace of Mind & Heart

My approach to online guided sessions is based on the belief that stress, anxiety and dis-ease are our body's way of signaling that our inner world is in need of care and attention.

Through simple yet profoundly effective tools, I offer time and space for your body to receive the customized care it needs. With each session I impart a personalized guided meditation to help clear blockages, stagnation and heaviness in the body, and share tips for long term wellbeing so that clients are empowered to continue caring for themselves, even after leaving our time together.


If you are feeling the call to shift your lifestyle to one centered around more peace, harmony and trust, I would love for you to join me for an upcoming Reiki training.


Reiki, a Japanese modality that teaches us how to connect with flow and harmony, is the foundation of all of my work. It is also the foundation of my everyday life. It is a simple self-care practice that can be learned by anyone, and has the capacity to help our world shift into a more loving and peace-filled place. 

Young Living Essential Oils

Infusing the essence of nature into my daily life has undoubtedly enhanced my wellbeing.

High quality, pure essential oils have the capacity to support our everyday physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care as they work in harmony with our bodies.

If you are interested in learning more or getting started with your own Young Living oils, please click the button below- we'll have a one-on-one conversation so I can understand your needs and offer personal advice!

About Lindsay

. Helping people live fully through heartfelt healing is Lindsay's true calling.

The transformation Lindsay experienced in her own life after discovering holistic health has inspired her to guide others who are ready to live into their own wellness awakening.

For years, Lindsay lived with chronic health issues that were confusing and left her feeling out of control of her body and life. While doctors could offer temporary relief from the symptoms, it wasn't until she decided to become more aware of and caring for her own body and mind that she began to get well, and stay well.

That is the magic of holistic health that Lindsay now share with others. 


Lindsay has dedicated the past several years to studying and living multiple dimensions of holistic health- she's done her fair share of dabbling and exploring, and have landed on what serves me and my body... at least for now, because it will always be evolving!

As a Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and student of Healing Touch I employ my training and deep listening to offer personalized guidance to each of my clients as they explore what it means to own their health and feel empowered around their wellbeing.




Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will be in touch.

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