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In Person Reiki Energy Healing Session

Receive energetic clearing and healing for a balanced body and mind
Sessions available on Tuesdays, by appointment.
60 minute Session $85
Or purchase a Gift Certificate HERE

Give yourself the gift of time & space to receive energetic clearing and healing.

This quiet and gentle Japanese healing modality helps restore balance and flow in your body, mind, heart & spirit. 

During each session we will spend a few minutes talking about your intention for the healing session and anything else you feel called to share.


Then, you get to rest fully clothed on a massage table while I offer energetic support in response to your body's needs, helping to release any stress, anxiety, exhaustion and worry that is ready to go.


We'll finish the session with time to review the treatment and I generally offer personalized recommendations for maintaining your energetic balance.


Typically a deeply relaxing and restful experience, the benefits of Reiki will stay with you even after the treatment is complete, and may include:

  • Stress and/or pain relief

  • A felt sense of relaxation in body and mind

  • Release of emotional blockages

  • Acceleration of your body’s natural healing abilities

  • A felt sense of balance in your body, mind and spirit

  • An elevated sense of overall wellbeing

  • A renewed capacity to be with the circumstances of life

Though a great stand-alone treatment, Reiki is also a wonderful compliment to any other wellness-related work you may be engaged in, including psycho-counseling and Human Design exploration. This is because Reiki provides time and space for the learning of the mind to land in the wisdom of the body. 

Each session is intended to bring you back "home" to your natural state of inner peace so that the feeling of living from that place becomes more familiar and easier to return to.


In-Person Sessions are currently available on Tuesdays and scheduled by appointment.

To book, please email with any date or time preferences. 


60 minute Session: $85

Or purchase a Gift Certificate HERE
Location & Contact Details
Balance Massage & Spa
485 Tom Hall St #105
Fort Mill, SC 29715

+ 240-888-8408
Booking Policy
Bookings close 24 hours before session start time.

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please email us at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund or to reschedule. If you must cancel less than 24 hours in advance you have the option to reschedule once but no refunds will be issued.
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