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Reiki Energy Healing

Give your body, mind and spirit the gift of deep rest and restoration through a gentle Reiki (Ray-Key) energy session, or choose to learn how to practice it yourself.

This peaceful Japanese healing modality helps restore feelings of harmony + flow in all layers of your being. The benefits of Reiki will stay with you even after a session is complete. While everyone's experience will be unique (and in service of their greatest good), many of my clients + students have reported the following: 

More Clarity + Energy  |  More Patience and Feelings of Peace  |  Accelerated Healing of Physical and Emotional Imbalances  |  Deep Relaxation  |  Increased Self-Confidence  |  Less Anxiety and Stress  |  And More!


Reiki Offerings

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 As you rest peacefully, your body and mind will be infused with healing energy that releases stagnation and restores balance and flow to all parts of your being.

Sessions are currently on pause while I transition into motherhood. Upon my return they will be available in person in Fort Mill, SC. 

Energy Healing Session

Rest and receive an energetic recharge

Group Reiki

Learn Reiki as a Self-Care Tool or Deepen Your Connection to the Practice

Learn how to practice Reiki for your own self-care, anytime, anywhere.  You will also learn how to share its healing nature with others too.
This simple tool can help each of us access more peace, more wellbeing and more trust in our lives.

Upcoming Trainings:
Usui Level I & II Trainings
Spring/Summer 2024 in Rock Hill, SC

$325 - More Details Coming Soon!

Usui Level III/Master Training Online

Spring 2024 Online/Hybrid
$600 - More Details Coming Soon!

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Interested in a private Reiki training or mentorship? I would be happy to connect on potential options for 1:1 or private group options.

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These monthly circles are on a temporary pause as I transition into motherhood but I plan to resume them in 2024.

In Person:
Join one evening each month at 6 PM EST in Rock Hill, SC to be in like-minded community. While I am on maternity leave, Sara will guide you through energy based practices including Reiki. Open to all!

Reiki Community Circles

Online & In Person Reiki-Centered Gatherings


"Thank you so much for everything. This was truly an awesome experience for me. It's so hard when you know words cannot do your feelings justice but I can say that meeting you and being introduced to your teachings has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me. 

PS -I shared our consultation with my long-time therapist and she also was blown away by how everything I shared was things that she was trying to work on with me for a while."


- HD Deep Dive Client

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"No matter how many words I write, they all speak the same truth: You are worthy of a beautiful life."
-- Jaiya John
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