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Yin Yoga

Deepen the Connection with your Body & Mind    | See the Strength of Stillness | Restore Inner Flow 

Yin Yoga teaches us that there is deep wisdom and power in learning to slow down & listen.  

In a world that views "doing" as the only way to get where we want to go, Yin Yoga invites us to notice what happens when instead we let ourselves "be" right where we are with what is.

This meditative yoga practice engages your body and mind through very simple and accessible postures that are held for 2 to 5 minutes each. In holding the poses your body is given the time and space to release deeply held tension in your fascia and connective tissues, which makes way for more flow.


The challenge presented within this simple (but not easy) practice is to learn to BE with stillness... with what is. This is a skill that opens us up to a whole new way of relating to ourselves and the world, with incredible potential. 


Each Yin Yoga class offers physical support to your fascia and connective tissues as well as vital time to practice whole-body presence.

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My Background in Yoga

Though I was introduced to yoga in high school, it took me many years to appreciate it as more than a way to "stretch."


It was during the time of life when I had lost my sense of Self, that the yoga classes at my local community center became my refuge. Stepping onto my yoga mat gave me precious time where everything truly felt OK. As I was guided to notice my body and to connect with my breath, an inner calm was cultivated that I had trouble finding in other parts of my day, offering deep deep nourishment I was so desperately in need of.

I knew I wanted to help others who were seeking something similar. In January 2017 I attended Pavones Yoga Center's 200 hr Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training immersion in Costa Rica where under the study of Indira Kalmbach I learned to guide others through slow flow vinyasa, Yin, pranayama (breath work) & guided relaxation. In 2019 I continued my education with a 70 hr Chakra Flow Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Caribe Yoga Academy under Avani Gilbert.

I have a deep appreciation for all forms of yoga and remain a student of many. My calling at this time this time is to focus my teaching on Yin Yoga, as an antidote to the hurried & exhaustive way many of us are living these days. 


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