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Reiki is a simple way to help us walk the walk when it comes to living in alignment with our True Nature. 

Designed to bring more peace & healing (wholeness) into everyday life, Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese energy practice. It works by connecting us to the state of harmony that is the very essence of our Natural world. Through this connection, our bodies, minds, hearts & spirits are invited back into alignment with their natural state of Harmony as well. And anything that is not in alignment (conditioning, stagnation, dis-ease) will begin to shed from our being.

Reiki is accessible to everyone, and learning the practice is too. Learning Reiki gives you access to an incredible, easy to use self-care tool that supports body, mind, emotions & spirit anytime, anywhere. And it is a gift you are able to share with others, too.

There is no experience, particular background, or profession needed in order to make Reiki a part of your life.  


If you are interested in exploring energy and its role in your health & wellbeing, as well as its role in helping to heal our world, I'd love to have you join me for an upcoming Reiki training. 

If you are already attuned to Reiki Level I or more and would like to join in a Reiki community, please join our weekly Online Reiki Practice Circle! More details can be found on this page

My Background in Reiki Training

I was introduced to Reiki in the spring of 2017. My Reiki Level I & II trainings unlocked something within me that was discreet but profound. Through my own connection with Reiki, I felt more in tune with my core being, a place I could always come back to when I was feeling out of sorts or anxious. My self-Reiki practice has been the anchor that has guided me on my path towards a life of purpose and service, and I believe that is the gift it can offer all of us.

Since December of 2018 I have taught more than 20 Reiki classes, and absolutely love bringing people together to explore what energetic connection looks & feels like, and how it can make a difference in your own life and the world. 


Please feel free to contact me via the form below and I will be in touch. Or alternatively you are welcome to call/text or email.

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