Are you curious about Human Design and ready to dive into the foundational aspects of your personal chart?


Human Design is an incredible Self-Discovery tool, but accessing your personal information can be a bit challenging. That's where the Heart of Your Chart comes in!


It is the perfect place to begin your Human Design journey.


Each writeup includes ~20 pages of definitions, descriptions and personalized details presented in a beautiful PDF document. 


Your ~20 page personalized document provides a curated overview of the aspects of your Human Design Chart that are considered the heartbeat of this system of self-understanding including:


  • Energy Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • Not-Self Theme
  • Signature
  • Profile 


**If you are seeking a comprehensive reference document of all your chart details, check out Your Human Design Handbook, which provides information on your: Centers, Gates, Channels, Definition, Arrows & Incarnation Cross in addition to what is included in this offering.**


The Heart of Your Chart will be emailed to you within 7 business days of purchase, delivered in a PDF document that can be easily accessed online or printed.  


**Please note your Birth Date, Time & Location are required for an accurate report.**

The Heart of Your Chart

  • You will receive your custom PDF Reference Document via email within 7 business days of purchase.

    *If required birth information is not provided at time of order, the 7-day window will be on pause until those details are received.

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