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Human Design Partnership Guide

Human Design Partnership Guide

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The Human Design Partnership Guide is a revolutionary way to improve an important relationship in your life, whether it be with a romantic partner, friend or co-worker.


This guide was created based on my personal experience utilizing Human Design to overcome pain-points while developing deeper connection in an important relationship in my own life.

Within each guide you will receive insights and tips on each person's:

- Unique Makeup & Hard-Wired Tendencies

- Personal Dynamic with Communication & Conflict

- "Love Language" (what makes them feel seen)

- Areas of Unique Contribution (plus attraction, if a romantic partnership) within the Relationship

- Areas of Companionship + Potential for Tension

- Each Person's Greatest Gifts, and more!


Tips and suggestions will be provided based on your unique dynamic to support connection, understanding and appreciation between both people.

Available for Pre-Order, sent to you by October 1, 2023!

Expected email delivery by October 1, 2023
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