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Human Design

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Human Design is a tool that provides language and a framework for who you are at your core, the essence that is hardwired into your being.

The Human Design system combines Astrology, the Chakra system, Chinese I Ching and Jewish Kabbalah to paint a picture of who we each are at our core essence: our true nature, free of conditioning.  


Similar to Astrology, Human Design is based on your birth date, time and location, revealing your unique chart. Your Human Design chart is chock-full of rich insights on the way you are hard wired to relate to & engage with the rest of the world. There are lots of great actionable nuggets that reveal themselves as you get to know your chart, and the journey of exploration is often validating and empowering! 


Human Design is chock-full of personal insights that will support you in living a life full of flow, expansion, joy, meaning, ease, freedom and authenticity.


To help you learn about your unique Design, I provide personalized written resources or you can choose to explore your Chart with me via guided Self Discovery Sessions.


Desiring a bit of both? Check out the Bundles which combine personalized written reference materials and time to chat one-on-one about your Design. 

All offerings are listed below!

The Heart of Your Chart Digital PDF

The Heart of Your Chart Digital PDF


Are you curious about Human Design and ready to learn about the foundational aspects of your chart?


Human Design is an incredible Self-Discovery tool, but accessing your personal information can be a bit challenging.


That's where the Heart of Your Chart comes in! It is the perfect reference document for beginning your Human Design journey.


Each writeup includes ~20 pages of foundational Human Design definitions, descriptions and personalized details presented in a beautiful PDF document to help you get familiar with the heart of your own Human Design! 

Your Human Design Handbook: Digital PDF  +  25-min Call

Your Human Design Handbook: Digital PDF + 25-min Call


Do you wish there was a one-stop-shop for ALL of your personal Human Design details? Your Human Design Handbook provides just that!


Created to alleviate the time consuming and confusing process of tracking down & organizing all of your chart details, each Handbook includes ~55 pages of definitions, descriptions and personalized details beautifully presented in a PDF document. 


This is the resource I wanted but couldn't find when I dove into my own Human Design journey and I am so excited to be able to share it with you now!

Interested in more than one session?

My Human Design Chart

Learning my own Human Design has has given me greater self awareness and empowered me to embrace all the parts of who I am, revealing personal strengths and attributes that previously I had not been able to recognize in myself. With an understanding of my Design, I notice that I have more energy to show up for both myself and for others, and that has been a huge gift.

I happened upon Human Design in the spring of 2018. I felt an immediate draw to the system and its capacity to increase self awareness from a place of empowerment & alignment with purpose. From the beginning I have resonated with Jenna Zoe's interpretation of Human Design. I have completed Level I & II of Jenna Zoe's Human Design Reader training with the intention to continue my education


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