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Sometimes we need to give our mind a break from "doing," so our body's wisdom has the time and space to work its magic. 

In a society that has become dominated by thinking our way through life, we've lost touch with the deep wisdom that lives within each of us. 

My energy work sessions focus on tapping back into the wellspring of strength, stillness and compassion that live at our core. Via guided a guided meditative practice, I hold a supportive space for your body's innate wisdom to process stagnant or heavy energy, so you can realign with your flow.


Each session is intended to leave you feeling more deeply connected with your Self, which in turn equips you to show up for others from a place of authentic connection.

Brand new to Energy Work? I suggest beginning with a 30-min Inner Wisdom Session to get a feel for it.

If you're ready to change the way you relate to yourself and the world, I highly recommend making these sessions a consistent part of your work. I have seen that meeting weekly for at least 30 min has profound and lasting effects.


A complete menu of my current Energy Work offerings can be found below. If you are interested in learning how to bring Energy Work into your daily life, I suggest checking out my Trainings as well!


Lay the Foundation Program

This one month program includes four 30-min Inner Wisdom sessions, scheduled weekly to help you develop a consistent connection to your inner wisdom.

Steady Strength Program

This one month program includes four 50-min Inner Wisdom sessions, scheduled weekly to help you develop a consistent connection to your inner wisdom. 

My Background in Energy Work

I went from a skeptic to a student of energy practices back in 2017. Inspired by my yoga teacher training, I became curious to explore and experience the "unseeable" layers of our being. Yes, we have our physical bodies, but there is so much more to who we are. What I came to realize is that everything is energy- from physical sensations, to emotions, thoughts, feelings, and even our sense of connection.  

When we tend to our energy, we are tending to the fullness of who we are and what we are carrying. Energy work is a compassionate, gentle and very grounding way to continue to return home to your true nature. 

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, trained under Libby Barnett & Linda de Wildt. I am also a student of Annmarie Early and Annie Browning through their movement, A Common Awakening.



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