An approach to holistic health that accepts all of
who you are and where you are in life

​Awakened Wellness offers services and tools that

introduce the practice of holistic health 


Holistic health is an approach to wellbeing that focuses on the connection between body, mind, and that part of you

that can be tricky to put into words. It's an incredible way to help address stress, anxiety, nagging (+ confusing)

physical issues and dis-ease.   

Holistic health changed my life as I navigated and began to heal from my own confusing

health challenges, and now I feel called to share the gift with others. Everything found on this site and

offered through my services is based on my personal experience and self-discovery.

Knowing first hand the realities of taking care of one's self within the context of today's society, 

I keep my tools and techniques simple so that they are easy to incorporate into your life.   


From yoga, to energy work, meditation, food, even personal development tools... allow yourself time

to get curious, to explore, to notice what piques your interest, or makes you feel really good. 

Some things will resonate with you, others may not and that's ok, it's all a part of

your own discovery process. 

Wherever you are journeying from, wherever you are headed to, welcome.




Holistic Services


Yoga is for everyone, literally. It allows you time and space to slow down and connect with your body and your breath, helping you feel balanced and grounded. I specialize in gentle and Yin yoga with a particular love for teaching beginners. Classes can be customized for individuals & groups.  

Energy Balancing

Energy work is an incredible way to achieve deep relaxation within your mind, body and emotions. Through energy work, your wellbeing begins to shift all on its own, and always for your greatest good. It's a beautiful compliment to other health care such as psychotherapy & chronic illness management.


*Training also available.


Work with Lindsay to explore the unique ways food, stress-management techniques, Human Design and more can help bring you back into balance.  Everything in life is connected- discover what that means for your personal health and wellbeing.


Everyday Resources

5 Minutes

Easy-to-follow guided practices that will help you feel more balanced and grounded, less scattered and stressed, even when you have just 5 minutes to spare.

10 Minutes

Easy-to-follow guided practices that will help you feel more balanced and grounded, less scattered and stressed, in just 10 minutes time.

15 Minutes

Easy-to-follow guided practices that will help you feel more balanced and grounded, less scattered and stressed in 15 minutes (or combine more than one for a longer session!).

About Lindsay

. Helping people live fully through heartfelt healing is Lindsay's true calling.

The transformation she experienced in her own life after discovering holistic health has inspired her to guide others who are ready to discover their own wellness awakening.

For years, Lindsay lived with chronic health issues that were confusing, and left her feeling out of control of her body and life. While doctors could offer temporary relief from the symptoms, it wasn't until Lindsay decided to become more aware of and caring for her own body and mind that she began to get well, and stay well. That is the magic of holistic health that she now shares with others. 


Lindsay has dedicated the past several years to studying and living multiple dimensions of holistic health.

She is a Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and student of Healing Touch. She employs her training and deep listening to offer personalized guidance to each of her clients.


To learn more about her story

and approach to



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